NEW MIXTAPE hosted by DJ YELLA of NWA @5150recordings #djyella @dj_yella

Fifty150 Recording Studios Presents the 1St Mexican Outta Compton Kiki Smooth. “CPT” Mixtapes Vol. 1, 2 & 3 Hosted by the Legendary “Dj Yella” of NWA.. A 3CD Collection Vol. 1 Available 04/01/2014….

Vol. 2 Available 10/01/2014

Vol. 3 Available 04/01/2015

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DJ Yella mixtape

NEW*2014! LIL EAZY-E Interview▽ @ewrightjr #eazye #nwaent

Listen to this exclusive and intimate interview with Eric (LIL EAZY-E) Wright JR.   This interview is compiled of all the questions Lil E fan’s want answers to.    Interview hosted by Lisa of NWAENT. Leave feedback.

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Part 1

Part 2

Lil Eazy-E TOUR: Chicago,Milwaukee,N @ewrightjr @nwaent #eazye #ruthlessfamilly

Lil Eazy-E will be on tour in the Mid West, If you are in IL , WI, area you can NOT miss the opportunity to witness the son of Eazy-E on stage!

He will be at Adrianna’s Club , Chicago, IL on March 20, 2013

Nostalgia 1, Milwaukee, WI on March 21, 2013

and at Club TBA on March 22, 2013

Spread the word and make sure you mark your calendar!!

More info at Lil Eazy’s Official Website also follow him on twitter @EWrightJR


K9Compton, BG Knocc Out, Cycadelic Records in Japan @k9compton

For all of you Ruthless fans in Japan.  Make sure you check out Bg Knocc Out and K9Compton’s performances.
Keep checking for all the latest Photo’s and Footage.

We will be updating the site daily! stay tuned!

Cycadelic Record(KirK) and BG Knocc Out


Compton’s IN Tha House! Japan




Cycadelic Records, BG Knocc Out, K9Compton and Crew in Japan.


K’nine Compton with John Beard and Chiba Starnite.


BG Knocc Out chillin at the airport.


K9Compton, Cycadelic Compton, BG Knocc Out :Snowing in Japan


Chiba Starnite : Heading to Iwate Prefecture for the first show @ Faces..

12.16 (Fri) @ FACES 岩手
It’s on!! JAPAN TOUR 2011 Featuring B.G. Knocc Out & K-9 in 岩手
Starnite Records & Cycadelic Records Presents DJ TAKA

It’s on!! JAPAN TOUR 2011 Featuring B.G. Knocc Out & K-9 in 千葉
Starnite Records & Cycadelic Records Presents DJ TAKA
12.18 (Sun) @ NEVER LAND
It’s on!! JAPAN TOUR 2011 Featuring B.G. Knocc Out & K-9 in 長野

NEW-LIL EAZY-E Interview! @EWrightJR

This is a very good interview of Lil Eazy-E conducted by ELITE TV World News!  Check it out and enjoy.  Make sure you leave feedback at our Lil Eazy-E forum

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BG Knocc Out ” Eazy-E ‘s Protege ” Album Preview ! BUY TODAY!!

BG Knocc Out’s debut solo album is finally here! “Eazy-E’s Protege”  consists of 16 dope,West Coast tracks.

Check out the track list and preview some of the new music in the video clip below.

Make sure you pre order your CD today! spread the word ! !



1. I Rep
2. N My Prime
3. Compton
4. Knocc em Off
5. Top of The World
6. Nothin’
7. Protect Me from My Friends
8. Menace
9. Monsta
10. Sag Low
11. West West
12. Freedom
13. Carried by 6
14. It’s All Good
15. Can’t Chase You
16. All Day