It was the summer of 1989, I was in my grandparents house in Compton. I was just a kid hanging out with the family. My youngest uncle pulls up in his ride, with the bass bumping. I was always amazed at the fresh Chrome rims his car had. That night I hear Eazy-E’s voice and rhymes for the first time. his vocals had a uniqe sound that stuck in my mind all throught my youth.

I did not get into music until i was in high school. Around 1993 i re discovered Eazy-E, buying any CD and Tape i could find. I was a hardcore fan during the Beef years with Dr Dre and was down with E 100%

One of my favorate memories was listening to The Ruthless Radio Show back in 94! that was always nice on saturday evenings. Later on toward the end of 1994 I began to notice Eazy was absent from the radio show.

Sometime during that year i won a Ruthless Pack from the radio station. it included many CD’s from the Ruthless Records roster.

I would have never imagined that Eric (Eazy-E) Wright would pass away due to AIDS.

That Sunday in March, i remember waking to the news that my hero had left this world. NO!!! how could that happen??? he died of full blown AIDS? What’s Next? R.I.P. Gangsta Rap!

As a fan i was just sad and confused on how fast everything happend. I was also upset that Eazy-E was on top of the world, owned his million dollar independent label,hosted his own radio show, and had many groundbreaking projecst on the works.  not just that but in my opinion he was killing his competition (Dre, Suge,Snoop, DPG, Etc.)

I know for a fact that if Eazy-E was still living today, the music industry would be completely different than what it is today.

RuthlessFamily.com is here for those who were fortunate to live through those golden years of gangsta rap and also for those new fans who are willing to learn and see that gangsta rap and hip hop isnt all about 2pac,biggie 50 cent, game, and all these new artist who would not be here if it was not for The Hip Hop Thugsta Eric (Eazy-E )Wright

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  1. Hi,I’m italian, for first,my english is not good.
    I listen for more time the eazy’s music,and I like his style.I know almost everythink about eazy and NWA.I think that the better rappars as The Game,50 Cent,Snoop Dogg,Dr.Dre,Ice cube and even William of Black eyed peace,not be so popular now without eazy.Yo Dre,Eazy make you popular!also Cube,and now not know who is the father of G-RAP,and of The west coast rap…Eazy-e!Eazy was a very gangsta rapper,very thug.The new artists seem effeminate.Anyway I think that Suge Knight and people as Dre kills Eazy,for take the hip hop’s world in hands. Everybody remeber Eazy-e as founder of gangsta rap.

    By an Italian.

  2. Real-D

    You know, even as I heard the first time EAZY-E, I knew that no chance against him has is just sad he&’s gone, forever you&’ll stay in my heart, fuck of the people who talk shit about you , its E with the criminal behavior, yea he is gangsta But with still got flavor but some stupid muthaphukka s thinks I’m a star
    But I’m not, I’m the type that kick the suckas ass,
    Fast ! Eazy E’s a Ruthless that’ll blast, learn a lesson from the E
    Stay in your place and don’t step to Real motherfuckin G’s, Boy ya should have known by now, Eazy duz it….


    I GO BY Nu~B, Spawn of The AKGs from Akron ohio.
    We need to come in contact with Tomica for a contract.. Were Ruthless as fuck an bring the same deive as HopSin did. N.W.A has been our main motivation to do music. Please contact us on any social site. All you gotta do is Type in AKGs or AKG Nation an were there..


  4. Thanks for everything and pushing so hard for the Eazy E legacy and bringing so many together its been a honor to network with you feels like i been a part of this site since it started i seen the drive you had online and from first conversations thumbs up to you and the whole old staff and new

  5. Thank you Eazy for being a real G, leading the way and doing what you done best , keeping it Gangsta. The voice of the street and the heart of the beat, the nigga that said fuk tha police and put Compton on the map. The Legacy always lives true in the heart, mind and spirit of Ruthless Family. Stay Blessed xx

    “Ruthless! My style as a juvenile…..
    here’s a classic str8 from tha Ruthless streetz of L.A.

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