Eazy-E Birthday Tribute show 2011


On september 8th 2011 Eazy-ECPT.com hosted their first annual Eazy-E Birthday Tribute show. To celebrate Eazy-E’s 47th Birthday which was on september 7th. These are some photos from the birthday party / show.

Many of Eazy-E ‘s close friends and family members were present. Eazy-E’s children , Lil Eazy-E, Erica Wright, Eazy E Tha 3rd and Yung Eazy were part of the celebration. Also Eazy’s sister Patricia and other reletives were able to come and enjoy the night dedicated to the Godfather of Gangsta Rap

Eazy-E Birthday Celebration / Tribute Show

Eazy-ECPT.com Presents our First Annual “Eazy-E Birthday Celebration”
Special Guests and Performance’s by Original Members of Eazy-E’s Ruthess Family. BIG HUTCH AKA Cold187um of Above The Law, BG Knocc Out, Loesta of Impact of a Legend, Daddy Kool AKA Trigga Man, Roach Killa AKA Steffon, Ruthless Dirty Red, ALT The Saint and more.

Eric ( Lil Eazy-E ) Wright Jr Will be making a special guest appearance.

Eazy-E’s third son, Yung Eazy will also be performing, along with
South Psycho Cide, K9Compton
Tony Muthaphukkn G, J-Loco, Nonoloco, U.N.D., Envy, Diggy Dre, and more.

Join us on this special day, paying our respects to” The Godfather of Gangsta Rap” Eazy-E.

The Stardust 

7643 Firestone Blvd
Downey, CA 90241

21 and over
$15.00 cover charge
more information contact


Visit Eazy-ECPT.com

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Pistol’s NEW album – Fed Material

For those who dont know. Pistol was signed to Ruthless Records in 1994.

Pistol is Born and raised in Nashville, Tennessee his music says it all. From the early 80’s battling crews in the school hallways Pistol aka Gates earned his respect from beating other mc’s from other hoods. In 1991, Pistol released his first album Young Gangsta that created a buzz in the streets of Cashville. This buzz got the attention of Street Flava records who signed him to his first Indie deal in 93. The first release was rolling in 64 that sold 10 thousand plus copies. This later got the attention of Easy E of Ruthless Records who later signed him to his label in 94. Pistol was later released after the passing of Eazy E and started his new venture in 95, Toppada line records with his partner Demoe. Their first release was Money and the Power in 96 which sold 30,000 units and Ballaholic in 98 which also sold 32,000 units independent. Much success for no promotion, just word of mouth. He has received numerous awards and truly is a respected underground emcee that cant be taken advantage of. Now the Owner and Ceo of Cashville’s hottest Indie label Platinum Plus Record. His releases are SPEED BALLING (2000),VOL-6 (2001), STRAIGHT GANGSTER(2002), GET CHA WEIGHT UP (2003), RESPECT (2004) AND DRUG STORIES (2005). From hustling in the street to one of Cashville’s best mc’s. Pistol thanks God for the rap game because it saved his life. Pistol has a passion for the rap game, it helps him to remain focused. Although he is his biggest fan, one of Cashville’s finest still has a lot more to offer, his best is still yet to come.