MC REN! Rebel Music! Taking shot’s at these weak rappers @mcrencpt @easki #ruthlessfamily @ruthlesslegacy

MC Ren is about to strike with a NEW single titled “Rebel Music”.  The single is produced by E.A. SKI

Stay posted for more about MC REN .










Eazy-E Documentary will be released March 26th 2013 #eazye #ripeazy

The Final release date for “Ruthless Memories” A documentary about the late rapper Eazy-E will officially be released March 27th 2013, exactly 18 years after his death.      We are currently working in obtaining some unreleased footage of Eazy-E that would add great visual to the film.   Another reason for the delay is that we are working hard on making sure “Ruthless Memories” is a professional, quality work that will please all fans.    You can PRE ORDER HERE

Would you like to be in the DVD? MORE INFO HERE

Sunday, January 20th We will release a extended trailer of the film.
Also, everyone who purchases the documentary will get a private 20 minute preview of  the documentary.   starting January 20th.


BG Knocc Out – Liquor Store Junkies ENT 90’s Party @ The Hub

10/08/2011 BG Knocc Out hosted an event presented by Liquor Store Junkies ENT at The Hub in the City of Colton,Ca.
J-Loco, BG Knocc Out, Chill C, Shady Dough, Ice Berg, Tony Muthaphukkn G and othe artists hit the stage.
This was a special 90’s night theme with all the classic’s from the 1990’s playing all night. was a proud sponsor of this event. Below are some photo’s from that night.

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