NEW Brownside / Toker song “Im Ruthless” #tokerforever #eazye

NEW MUSIC (Snippet) by Toker from the Brownside was released today To celebrate His birthday.  This single is titled “Im Ruthless” and was produced by Yu-lekz.  It will be featured on the Ruthless Family album “Disciples of E”

The single will drop Nov, 2nd 2019 and Disciples of E album on Jan, 01st 2020

Please share the video below, like and comment.   spread the word.  RIP Toker, RIP Eazy-E disses Eazy-E?? #eazye @allhiphopcom #forums

Earlier today , reports were flooding throughout  facebook saying that had disrespected Eazy-E.    Many people were furious including myself.  Fans, family and even former employees of Eazy-E took to the web and phone to voice their opinion and anger toward the alleged actions of staff.      DJ Swindle, a former employee of Eazy-E and various other people did happen to get a hold of the Owner of AHH website and handled the issue.

The response from AHH was that it was a forum post and not a post made by the sites staff.  I personally did not see the actual post or news on the website but did see a screen shot that was floating around the web.   On the top of the screen shot it does appear to be a url from a forum.  You decide.

Either way we hope Allhiphop handles that situation. Great to see everyone sticking up for Eazy-E.


Eazy-E Diss by forum member

Eazy-E Diss by forum member