Press Release for Lil Eazy-E’s “Prince of Compton”

“The West Coast has birthed some of the hardest lyrics to hit the rap world, with songs like “F**k the Police,” “6 N the Mornin,” and “It Was a Good Day.” The heart of some of the grittiest rhymes emerged from the streets of Compton, where hustling, and gangbanging were a way of life.

NWA introduced the world to Gangster Rap in the 80’s; Lil Eazy-E will resuscitate it in 2008, with his debut release on the Universal/Blackground label “Prince of Compton,” scheduled to drop September 16, 2008. The first release “What We’re Claimin” is a gangster’s anthem, with rich lyrical flow over funky, hard hitting beats.

Lil Eazy-E continues the legacy of his late father, rap icon Eric Eazy-E Wright, by delivering a searing collection of bone-crushing songs about the streets of his hometown, Compton. Lil Eazy’s lyrics reflect on the life and untimely death of his father, giving listeners an intimate look into their world.

He is prepared to put his own personal twist on the legacy left by his father. Lil Eazy-E’s lyrics tell the story of his life growing up in Compton, and living with one of the icons of gangster rap. He addresses all who have questioned his skills, the life and death of his father, and studio gangsters building careers by imitating the appearance and persona of West Coast pioneers that brought the streets of South Central to the rap game. Having grown up with many of the legends of gangster rap, it’s only natural that he call-out those that are faking in their music and in front of the cameras.

Lil Eazy-E is holding nothing back. He is dealing with subjects that until now have been fueled by rumors, such as his lifestyle since his fathers passing.

A lot of people probably think I grew-up in the Suburbs of Southern California, living a privileged life. What they don’t know is I was born and raised in the same house as my father, the oldest of nine kids. We were a big family that all grew-up together. I lived the same life as my father, and I’m giving you that life on ‘The Prince of Compton’,” explains Lil Eazy-E.

Prince of Compton” brings West Coast rap back with a vengeance, merging the flavor of N.W.A on songs such as “Money and Power” and “They Killed You,” and mixing things up with “This Ain’t a Game” featuring Bone Thugs, which takes listeners back to the Ruthless days. Lil Eazy-E also pays homage to one of his childhood hero’s Ice Cube on “Shotgun” which was inspired by the street classic “Today Was a Good Day.”

Ice Cube was a huge influence on my record. Knowing him as a kid and then working with him as a man was a great learning experience,” said Lil Eazy-E.

With a phenomenal debut album, budding record company and fledgling roster of talented rappers, Lil Eazy-E is poised to become the next West Coast Rap Kingpin, just as his father did nearly 20 years ago.”

Check out Lil Eazy-E’s current single “What We’re Claiming“:

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