Lonzo Phone Interview with Mike Klein!

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Lonzo and Dusty hosted an exclusive interview with Ruthless Director of Business affairs and security Mike Klein. Great interview for Ruthless fans! Talks about his beginnings, Eazy-E, who fired Jerry Heller, Suge Knight, FBI, the missing unreleased Eazy-E tapes, Ruthless Records in Canada, Black Eyed Peas formerly Atban Klann, etc. Check it out!

Eazy-E Documentary “Ruthless Memories” Straight Outta Compton #straightouttacompton @icecube @drdre

You watched Straight Outta Compton, now make sure you check out the Documentary all about Eazy-E.   Ruthless Memories, available at RuthlessMemories.com

The Stor of Eazy-E : Ruthless Memories

The Story of Eazy-E : Ruthless Memories

Watch 2015 Grammy’s for sneak peek of Straight Outta Compton tonight @thegrammys @icecube @drdre


Tune in to the Grammy’s tonight for a sneak peek and more info on the NWA movie titles Straight Outta Compton.  It will be in theaters August 14th 2015

Watch the Grammys live HERE

Eazy-E had plenty of chances to Kill Suge Knight.

According to “Ruthless Memories” A Documentary about the life and legacy of EAZY-E.

In a couple instances, Eazy-E was at the same spot as Suge Knight, with less than a hand full of his posse.    Even though Eazy-E’s homies were hyped up to attempt something.  Eazy-E told them to hold of and let him slide.  

This may have been because of the talk Eazy-E and Jerry Heller had about not trying anything stupid against Suge.  

In a recent Interview Heller say’s that he talked Eazy out of killing Suge Knight. He regrets not letting Eazy-E do it.    You can hear about the Ruthless VS Death Row BEEF on a new doucmentary about Eazy’s Life.  available at RuthlessMemories.com


BG Knocc Out and Jerry Heller meet @knoccie #eazye #ruthlessfamily

A photograph of BG Knocc Out and Jerry Heller has recently surfaced via facebook.

In the past few months BG Knocc Out has dissed and mentioned Jerry Heller in songs and interviews.       Hopefully they got to talk and resolved some of the myths and issues that BG Knocc Out had with Heller.

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A former member of NWA has filed a lawsuit against Ruthless Records, claiming the company has refused to pay royalties, after licensing one of his records to Black Eyed Peas’ member Fergie for use in her hit Hip-Hop song “Fergalicious.”

The Arabian Prince, born Kim Nazel, filed the lawsuit on March 9 in the Supreme Court of the State of New York.

The lawsuit claims that Tomika Wright, Jerry Heller and Ruthless Records authorized the use of his composition “Supersonic” for use in Fergie’s #1 record “Fergalicious,” taken from her sophomore album The Dutchess.

Around 1986, The Arabian Prince formed N.W.A. with Dr. Dre, Ice Cube, Eazy-E, MC Ren, DJ Yella and The D.O.C., while Eazy-E also formed the seminal Gangsta Rap label, Ruthless Records.

During his time with N.W.A., The Arabian Prince authored or co-produced a number of hit records for Ruthless, including seminal tracks like “Straight Outta Compton,” “F*ck The Police,” “Gangsta Gangsta,” “Dopeman,” “Quiet On Tha Set,” “Something 2 Dance 2” and others.

In 1988, Ruthless released “Supersonic,” which he wrote with four other writers, including the members of J.J. Fad, who performed the original track.

According to the lawsuit Arabian Prince, who owns 20% of the composition, claims that Ruthless “misrepresented that they had authority to license [his] portion of the composition for use in the new composition ‘Fergalicious.’”

He also claims that unbeknownst to him, Ruthless has been collecting royalties from the sales of “Fergalicious,” which has sold almost 3 million copies and set records for digital downloads.

Additionally, The Arabian Prince claims in the lawsuit that despite repeated attempts, Ruthless has yet to compensate him for the tracks he produced for N.W.A.

The Arabian Prince seeks damages for unjust enrichment, tortious interference and breach of contract.


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The Brownside Sign deal with Street Life Records

According to Hood Times Magazine, In a Interview with Toker,the brownside have signed a deal with Jerry Heller’s label , Street Life Records. Jerry Heller was co owner of Eazy-E’s Ruthless Records.
It’s great to know that Jerry still ha’s Toker’s back.
More information coming soon.

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