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Ruthless Propaganda presents:
Ruthless Family (1992-1995)
Disciples of E
Produced by Yu-lekz : 3 Finger Productions
Featuring: Brownside, Eazy-E3, B.G. Knocc Out, Gangsta Dresta, Kokane, Bone Thugs N Harmony, Ruthless DirtyRed, Cold187um of Above The Law, ALT, GBM and more #ruthlessfamily #ruthlesspropaganda #realruthless

MC REN! Rebel Music! Taking shot’s at these weak rappers @mcrencpt @easki #ruthlessfamily @ruthlesslegacy

MC Ren is about to strike with a NEW single titled “Rebel Music”.  The single is produced by E.A. SKI

Stay posted for more about MC REN .










NEW*Song by Eazy-E, Big Pun, ODB’s son’s @OnlyChrisRivers @BABYEAZYE @YDBWuTangClan

This is a dope new song that features sons of some Rap Legends.   Listen to it, give some feedback and make sure you follow these three artists careers.  Big things coming from them in 2014!  Spread the word!
Chris Rivers|Baby Eazy-E|YDB
MY 3SON’S FEAT @OnlyChrisRivers @BABYEAZYE @YDBWuTangClan

sons of legends

AllHipHop.com disses Eazy-E?? #eazye @allhiphopcom #forums

Earlier today , reports were flooding throughout  facebook saying that AllHipHop.com had disrespected Eazy-E.    Many people were furious including myself.  Fans, family and even former employees of Eazy-E took to the web and phone to voice their opinion and anger toward the alleged actions of AllHipHop.com staff.      DJ Swindle, a former employee of Eazy-E and various other people did happen to get a hold of the Owner of AHH website and handled the issue.

The response from AHH was that it was a forum post and not a post made by the sites staff.  I personally did not see the actual post or news on the website but did see a screen shot that was floating around the web.   On the top of the screen shot it does appear to be a url from a forum.  You decide.

Either way we hope Allhiphop handles that situation. Great to see everyone sticking up for Eazy-E.


Eazy-E Diss by forum member

Eazy-E Diss by forum member


Ruthless Propaganda Radio,Tune in.

Ruthless Propaganda Radio is a station dedicated in bringing you All Ruthless Inspired music, All day long.  
It will feature all the latest NEWS and music from Ruthless Family members, also NEW Up and coming Artists and Producers who are influenced by Eazy-E and his Ruthless family.

What you can expect in 2012 is some Exclusive Interviews, Word Premieres, Contests and FREE Giveaways, and a lot of surprises.

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Exclusive Video footage of Toker from The Brownside

Yeah thats right the homie Toker just dropped some exclusive shit for all the true blue Brownside homies out there, yeah check and WATCH that’s right I said WATCH exclusive footage from Toker for the first time!! on the front page and we got ALOT more shit coming your way so all you vatos need to stay posted cause this is just the beggining!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Also make sure to drop your saludos to the homie Toker on the Message Recorder, Toker will listen to them once a week!!

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http://www. myspace. com/theofficialbrownside