Fresh Out The Pen “The Official Overseas Review”

Yo, what up to all the Parliament heads from the ATL site. It has taken me a while to get on here but here is my review of the Fresh Out The Pen album:

Intro – Sick opening, and a killa beat. Every ATL album has a great intro. This is what I have been waitin for for 5 years….’did ya miss me?’ hell yeah!
So Real – 187 in chilled voice mode, dope beat, loving the chicks in the background humming
Preach – This song is so good. Tony Touch did a great job with the track. Hutch still in chilled voice mode. Laid back chillin…
Turmoil in the Ghetto – Every ATL album has an opera track. Big massive sounds from every direction like ‘Promise Me’ or ‘Evil that Men Do’. This track is straight opera! Love it
Get Your Weight Up – No chilled Hutch on the one, just straight voodoo 187. Fire man. Agro, grimmy, ghetto, gangsta….sick with it. An anthem for pumping iron in the gym
Bizniz Never Personal – This reminds me of Eazy and Ren ….’this is a stick up, everybody get face down….’. The chorus took a while to grow on me though
Convict Love – deep
Fresh Out – for me the best track on the album. Incredible. Everybody who loves hip-hop should have the pleasure of owning this track. Vintage ATL
Gangstas in Stilletos – not really feeling this to be honest
Bitch – funny song man
Deep Throat – sampling your own record is pretty cool
Hollywood – again, not really into this
Hustlers Cry – reminds me of a PE track, which is no bad thing
Aklikaniga – this track is amazing, the beat is sick, sick and 187 in agro mode again. Love it
May the Force be wth you – All I can say about this is that when I first heard it on myspace before the album came out I was in total shock. How could the Imperial March from Star Wars (one of the great music scores of all time) be used in a hip-hop track? Still gives me shivers everytime I play it, 3 months later…Incredible. 20 years after Untouchabe and 187 still makes music that blows me away
187 reloaded – good track, hard to follow the previous one though
America X – I listened to this on a beach in Queensland, Australia last week in perfect sunshine and it felt just right. Every ATL album has a good ender and this is no exception. ‘Everybody hates America’…sad but true.

This is the first album to get me excited about hip-hop in a few years. I hope there is a full ATL album to follow!

ATL True.

Brisbane, Australia
(formerly from the mean streets of London)
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