Brownsides: 13 Boy’z Debut Album #LastOfADyingBreed#13boyz #brownside

Toker from The Brownside will be releasing the debut album “Last of A Dying Breed” by his proteges the 13 BOY’Z, on East Town Records.  Make sure you support that Real music and spread the word.  Official Music Video “Last of a Dying Breed” will be up in a couple hours .  Check back!

13BOY’Z album “LAST OF A DYING BREED” hitting the streets worldwide MAY 19th. PRE-ORDER your hard copy NOW at –>

Digital Pre-Orders–⤵️
iTunes —–>

#BROWNSIDE #13BOYZ #LastOfADyingBreed


Exclusive Video footage of Toker from The Brownside

Yeah thats right the homie Toker just dropped some exclusive shit for all the true blue Brownside homies out there, yeah check and WATCH that’s right I said WATCH exclusive footage from Toker for the first time!! on the front page and we got ALOT more shit coming your way so all you vatos need to stay posted cause this is just the beggining!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Also make sure to drop your saludos to the homie Toker on the Message Recorder, Toker will listen to them once a week!!

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