Ruthless Memories : Album Dedicated to Eazy-E OUT NOW #eazye #ruthlessmemories

NEW ALBUM Dedicated to Eric Eazy-E Wright. OUT NOW, featuring various artists from all over the world.   Some of the Ruthless OG”s featured are Cold187um, Kokane, Dirty Red, Dresta, BG Knocc Out and more!   Its available now to purchase HERE, BUY HERE









BG Knocc Out and Jerry Heller meet @knoccie #eazye #ruthlessfamily

A photograph of BG Knocc Out and Jerry Heller has recently surfaced via facebook.

In the past few months BG Knocc Out has dissed and mentioned Jerry Heller in songs and interviews.       Hopefully they got to talk and resolved some of the myths and issues that BG Knocc Out had with Heller.

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