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Tune in to the Grammy’s tonight for a sneak peek and more info on the NWA movie titles Straight Outta Compton.  It will be in theaters August 14th 2015

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Eazy-E for children #eazy-e #childrenmusic #eazy-e #nwa

Are you a fan of Eazy-E and N.W.A ?  Have small children?  Can’t bump Eazy while you are with them?   Well then you must check this kid out.  

Eazy-E and Dr Dre’s sons in Studio #eazye @ewrightjr #Mrcurtisyoung

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Kenneth Ruggiano
Curtis Young, son of Dr. Dre behind the boards at Serious Pimp recording studio

From the outside, the light brown, nondescript office building housing Serious Pimp Records in Lake Forest looks like the last place West Coast hip-hop would go to live, let alone record, let alone set the stage for its own resurrection. People drive by it every day with nary a thought of what what kinds of legends, or sons of legends, come to dwell inside the belly of a suite filled with plaques, platinum records and plush, pimped-out surroundings. The legendary, sequestered studio is owned by Snoop Dogg, a fact which becomes relatively evident in about 1.5 seconds as soon as you open the door and your eyes inhale walls splashed with various shrines to the Dogg Father, your nose filled with the perpetual potpourri of Kush.

Glancing over at a soda machine emblazoned with a mural of Snoop’s face, the son of Dr. Dre knows that having his “uncle” in his midst makes this the proper place to give the music cultivated by him and his father a brand new look. “It feels like a big hug when I walk in here,” says Curtis Young. “Like he’s always watching me.”

Last Friday, Young met with Derrek Wright (aka E3), the second oldest son of late West Coast legend Eazy-E, along with Serious Pimp founder Damian Kutzner and “Big A”, the labels Vice President of A&R, to listen to beats and lay the groundwork for DNA: The Second Generation. Part homage, part precursor, the project is an album collaboration between Young, Lil Eazy-E (Eric Wright Jr.) and E3 that merges elements of classic G-Funk and EDM in a way that nobody ever saw coming.

The new recordings, planned for early Spring, will be followed by a tour which is slated to be announced in the next few weeks. As we continue to track the making of the album in Lake Forest, Kutzer and “Big A” –responsible for bringing Young and the Wright brothers together– say there is a reality show called “Seeds of Hip-Hop” in development. The show will focus on the sons of famous rappers who are forging their own name in the hip-hop world. Talks with VH1 are currently taking place, with plans to include Young and the Wright brothers as they develop this album project.Though they’ve said this is not an effort to simply rehash their father’s legacy, it certainly looks like the next generation NWA project is coming straight outta…OC.

young and wright.jpg
Kenneth Ruggiano
Young with Derrek Wright (right) listening to beats

“By it being in our blood and our birthright, we’re able to continue what our fathers imprinted the game with as far as gangster rap,” Young says.”We’re working on doing what we do best and combining that with the house music as well and bringing some of the showmanship back.”




Eazy-E’s Mother and family attend Birthday tribute show 09/07/2012

On Friday September 7th 2012 Eric (Eazy-E) Wright would have turned 48 years old. On this very special day / Ruthless Propaganda hosted a historic event in celebration of E.

The location was Downey California. Less than a few miles from The City of Compton and Norwalk Ca. Two Los Angeles County cities Eazy once called home.

The DJ for the night was DJ Drewmatik, playing those classic Eazy-E joints to keep the crowd entertained before the show begins.

The lineup was packed of great artists who were impacted by Eazy-E. Some of the artists were J-Loco, Rob G, Tony Muthaphukkin G, Faided amongst others.

Ruthless Alumni in attendance were Kid Frost, Rhythm D, Loesta, Dirty Red, DJ Speed (of NWA) , BG Knocc Out, GiGi of Menajatwah and Steffon.

The night was made very special by the attendance of EAZY-E’s Mom Kathie Wright. accompanying her were other family members of The Hip Hop Thugsta.

I was very honored and happy to have kathie and the family join us for the celebration of Eazy’s Birthday.

The performances went smooth, great media coverage by OnDaGrindTV, video will be available soon.

We ended the night with a performance by Lil Eazy-E, Eazy-E3, Yung Eazy and the Compton Money Gang. It was the perfect end to a very special night.

I want to thank the Wright Family and everyone he attended the tribute show. Also all of those who came in from out of state or country. Dopeman, Todd and Tamara. I also heard some people flew in from Seattle and Atlanta. much love to everyone. hope u all enjoyed the night.

More Pictures and Video soon.

Big Hutch Lawsuit Against Dre. Dre, Aftermath, Interscope, EVE and Ruff Rydaz



West Coast Hip-Hop pioneer Gregory Hutchison, who goes by the name Big Hutch aka Cold 187um, has recently filed a lawsuit against EVE, Dr.Dre, Ruff Ryders Entertainment, and Interscope Records accusing them of stealing the hit 1999 single release entitled “Love Is Blind.” Hutch stated the song was stripped of some of its original components and presented as the accused own work. “Love Is Blind” is on the September 14, 1999 album release “Let There Be EVE…Ruff Ryders’ First Lady. The album sold 213,000 copies in the first week and sold over 2 million copies according to Soundscan and is certified Double Platinum. The album’s only singles were “Gotta Man” and “Love Is Blind” featuring Faith Evans. In 2000, “Love Is Blind” was nominated for “Best Rap Video” and the album received “Best R&B/Soul Female Solo Album of the Year.” Big Hutch, nephew to R&B legend Willie Hutch, says that in December of 1997, he was introduced and hired to produce, at the time, an up and coming artist known as EVE. Mike Lynn, as head of the A&R department at Aftermath, introduced him to the EVE project. With just him and EVE in the studio at the time, Hutch was helping develop EVE producing an array of tracks but ultimately, the original track for “Love Is Blind” was chosen. Hutch claims to have co-wrote and produced the track. Hutch even called in the Aftermath songtress at the time, Truth Hurts, to sing the hook and assist them in finishing up some other singing ideas they had. The problem began when EVE made the transition from Aftermath to Ruff Rydaz where they took the song “Love Is Blind” and failed to give Hutch credit. Between 2000 and 2001, serving as the VP to Death Row during Suge Knight’s incarceration at the time, Hutch approached Aftermath to help and assist him in retaining compensation for his involvement with EVE and the “Love Is Blind” song and according to Big Hutch they simply replied to him, “We can’t help you. You have no proof.” Aftermath further explained to Hutch they could not put anything together to help obtain the rights to the song he “helped produce.” As Hutch was still continuing on with his own music career while battling Aftermath, Hutch was unfortunately incarcerated from July 2004 to August of 2007. Prior to his incarceration Hutch stored and warehoused all his musical catalog and it wasn’t until this year (2012) he finally stumbled across his “proof”, the original “Love Is Blind” song before the other copy landed in the hands of Swizz Beatz and the Ruff Rydaz. Hutch explains, “I’m not trying to take away from what EVE has done, but I was a key in helping EVE create a hit record. ” The parties involved in Hutch’s law suite has yet to respond to the accusation. The Pomona, California emcee was one of the pioneers of Gangsta Rap and was signed to the late Eazy-E’s Ruthless Records. Hutch was a key figure in developing the G-Funk sound with his group Above The Law and acknowledges himself as Dr. Dre’s “understudy.” Hutch and Above The Law’s 1990 “Living Like Hutstlers” debut album release was selected as one of The Sources “100 Best Rap Albums Ever” and claimed The Billboard 200 at #75 and Top R&B/Hip-Hop Albums at #14. Hutch currently heads his own label West World Records and is business partners with label Big Shot Music Group where he released his “Only God Can Judge Me” album and his first ever mixtape entitled “From Pomona With Love.” Big Hutch is also currently signed to Psychopathic Records, home to the famed Insane Clown Posse, where he will be releasing an album entitled “The Only Solution.




NEW: Eazy-E Documentary “Ruthless Memories”

Ruthless Memories, The Movie.
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Harold & Kumar and the Legend of Eazy-E’s Stash

A scene from the movie
Harold & Kumar walk through the creepy graveyard. Harold nervously walks over to Tupac’s grave, while Kumar continues listening to Dr. Dre’s The Chronic on his iPod. Just then, Kumar springs to life…

KUMAR: Roldy, wait a second! I got it! It’s here in the chorus! Rat-tat-tat-tat-tat-a-tat like that…never hesitate to put a….

HAROLD (finishing his sentence): Nigga on his back! That’s it! Check the back of the tombstone!”

It’s very interesting that the NEW Harold & Kumar film might have been a movie about Eazy-E.

It’s a shame that it was not created. Prop’s to the writers for coming up with the concept and giving it a shot.
=====================================article by below.
“Here we were again … developing a new concept with the same characters. So we got together at one of our houses and “brainstormed” potential H and K stories (much in the same way Willie Nelson “brainstorms” songs). People often ask us if we use marijuana to come up with comedy ideas. The answer is no. Smoking weed doesn’t make comedy writing any easier. (It just makes it more fun.)

After brainstorming our lungs out, we came up with two stories that we were excited enough to write. We met up with our producers and pitched them both concepts. The first was A Very Harold & Kumar Christmas. The concept was simple: Let’s put Harold and Kumar in a classic Christmas movie. The fact that we weren’t raised Christian wasn’t a problem — some of the best Christmas movies and songs have been made by Jews (although Hurwitz and Schlossberg definitely sounds more Jewish than Favreau). The producers seemed excited by the Christmas idea, but they were concerned the movie wouldn’t be finished quickly enough for the holiday season.

So we pitched them our second concept, Harold & Kumar and the Legend of Eazy-E’s Stash. In this movie, Harold and Kumar find out about an amazing bag of weed that once belonged to Eazy-E in the early nineties. Before he died, Eazy and one of his top hoes hid the bag somewhere in the United States and left clues to its whereabouts within famous rap lyrics. (Kinda like the dollar bill in National Treasure.)
Believe it or not, our producers loved the Eazy-E idea and told us to go work on it. We actually spent a couple days thinking about it. One can only imagine what that script would have looked like …

it turned out that the logistics of getting the rights to Eazy-E’s estate were more challenging than distributing a holiday film. So we stopped working on the Eazy idea in favor of A Very Harold & Kumar Christmas.”

Read the entire interview below


Eazy-E Birthday Tribute show 2011


On september 8th 2011 hosted their first annual Eazy-E Birthday Tribute show. To celebrate Eazy-E’s 47th Birthday which was on september 7th. These are some photos from the birthday party / show.

Many of Eazy-E ‘s close friends and family members were present. Eazy-E’s children , Lil Eazy-E, Erica Wright, Eazy E Tha 3rd and Yung Eazy were part of the celebration. Also Eazy’s sister Patricia and other reletives were able to come and enjoy the night dedicated to the Godfather of Gangsta Rap