Marty Thomas: 1958 – 2019 #martythomas #ruthlessdirector #realcomptoncitygsdirector

Marty Thomas passed away peacefully in his sleep on January 30. It is incongruous a person so full of life should have left us so quietly. Those who knew Marty and those lucky enough to have had the pleasure and honor to work with him might have predicted a much more grand, theatrical end ​— ​and loud ​— ​and funny somehow…..  Read full article by – 

It is very sad to hear of the passing of Marty Thomas, best know by Ruthless and Eazy-E fans as the Ruthless Director.  He directed Eazy’s classic “Real Muthaphukkin G’s” and a few other videos for Ruthless Records.    I was fortunate enough to have met with Marty and actually collaborate with him on a documentary about Eazy-E titled “Ruthless Memories”    He was a very funny and energetic man, full of life and very creative.  RIP Marty.


3 thoughts on “Marty Thomas: 1958 – 2019 #martythomas #ruthlessdirector #realcomptoncitygsdirector

  1. I spoke with jerry ages back people lie he seem OK good guy he new am the only one before the nwa film who keeps Eazy e z Legacy alive bigger than any other fans and the all no this after all am the only one who where s what eazy e wore his original clothing Chicago white Sox starter cooperstown 1919 was his best shirt had a meaning round neck stands for god father of gangster rap no one ever new only me when I told fan s they was shocked I wish I met eazy e years ago we would of got on no problem he s the best real OG the rest of rapper s nothing like eazy e who put Compton on the map with his own made up record label he paid for ruthless record s best label title around his Legacy runs though me and fans worldwide mainly me I keep his member alive for his family friend s fans and me I include myself as well whereing what eazy e actually wore as fans no eazy said an done

  2. R.I.P.
    Scarface, 2PAC, MobbDeep’sAnotherMember,
    Nate Dogg… Hope another FameO’s WILL SURVIVE LONGER (:Snoop Dogg, Nas, TheOutlawz, NurO, Mile… … Also All them rest: Jay-Z, JaRule, Warren G … Yms, ALL QD ARTISTS 2 = SURVIVE, BE UNDER PROTECT ‘N’ ALIVE)
    +++ r.i.p.
    I Hate them made him had to Be suffering on TV with eating peas and all that shitty-stuff b.a.c.k. On Times he was alive
    WithLove: Mile
    (if “Cover:Halo” Won’t work, check da comment on it, ‘N’ FOUND DA WORKING VERSION)

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