Eazy-E Hologram will perform 1 song with Bone Thugs N Harmony #eazyehologram #eazye

Eazy-E Hologram will be performing “For the Love of Money” With Bone Thugs N Harmony at Rock The Bells.

Even though i am a huge Eazy-E Fan, i will not be attending the show.  I cant afford over $180 dollars just to watch a few minutes of Eazy-E performing one song.  I will wait for the video on youtube.



3 thoughts on “Eazy-E Hologram will perform 1 song with Bone Thugs N Harmony #eazyehologram #eazye

  1. this is og” kj Eazy’s old Body Guard i now work with his sons the tree E’s Lil Eazy-e,Baby Eazy-E & yung Eazy-E would be great to have them on stage when Eazy walks on stage. but we do not have pass’es

    • This is lisa, Lil Eazy E’s assistant and business liaison. Any comments made referring Lil Eazy E outside Lil Eazy or myself are not official and should be considered without merit. Lil Eazy E, E3, and staff HAVE invitations and will in fact be in attendance as special guests. Afterwards, Lil Eazy E will be the master of ceremonies to a special birthday tribute event with guests throughout the music industry. Thank you

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