BG KNOCC OUT quits the rap game: Exclusive statement @knoccie #bgknoccout #eazye #ruthlesspropaganda

In a statement sent exclusively to, BG Knocc Out tells us his reason for quitting the music business. He also tells us what will happen to the album he was set to release “Nutty By Nature”.   Read  it for yourself, straight from BG Knocc Out!



I left music after I made Hajj to Makkah as religious obligation. For Muslims, once u complete this particular pillar of your faith and it’s accepted by God, you become sinless. So after being cleansed and renewed you have to make drastic change with your life. So that’s what I did. Plus as someone who believes and fears God, I know that if I leave a legacy of violent content, that whoever follows and acts on my words, I receive my sins as well as their sins on Judgement Day. Fearing this, I decided to walk away. Some people say, “well u can do positive music”, “give the people a message”, this and that. But it isn’t realistic for. The industry is being ran by people who do not intend well. I can’t be a part of something like that. I can’t be fake. And that’s what the music industry demands of musicians these days. Every one in it in my opinion, especially today just isn’t Real. And as you all know the music that I stood behind was totally opposite. My friend and mentor, Eazy, was one of the realist dudes to ever grace that industry. So coming behind him I could not do any less than he did. And now with his demise and brand of realism dying out with the 90’s, our brand of hip hop is forever stamped in history at this point. It’s like how oldies is today, just classical.

Nutty by Nature is not coming out. I have in my personal archives where it will remain, if pleases God. For all the reasons I stated previously, it’s just what it is.

The only reason, if it pleases God, that I will ever remain in the spotlight is as a speaker on real topics and issues concerning life. There is no amount of money that can be offered for me to ever return to music as a musician. It’s absolute No. But because it is a part of who I am I won’t just turn my back on the people. So if I can help with my story in some way, I will. Hope to be making a documentary on my life real soon. Also writing a book if it pleases God. And just getting into some type of business in order to leave a legacy for my children. But that’s it.

For all my fans, I know it may be hard to understand why I am doing such a drastic thing. But it’s something I already knew that eventually would happen. Coming home after 10 years in prison, I truly only stepped back into the game because I felt after leaving prison, it was one of my only options. And by doing that I began to do things I wasn’t proud of because I knew better. When u really believe in God u don’t play with that. And for some reason, Islam gives u a perspective on God like no other way of life that I know of. It builds u up as an individual. It’s very unique that way. It’s something very special about it because nothing else on God’s green earth ever made me wanna change and actually take the steps towards doing it. And it’s all on my own effort, not some organisation forcing me to, or watching me like guard dogs. It’s just what it put inside me. I can’t even truly explain it. I just know it’s special. And I seen it do the same for some the craziest ex-gang members across Los Angeles and Compton, California. People who I know personally and never thought in a million years, would change their ways. It has also brought me together with people who were once my enemies. So u know it must be special. Nothing else on earth could accomplish this feat.

As told to by BG Knocc Out

18 thoughts on “BG KNOCC OUT quits the rap game: Exclusive statement @knoccie #bgknoccout #eazye #ruthlesspropaganda

  1. It’s sad news from a Gangsta Rap fans point of view but also something great for BG Knocc Out. Just wana let him know we have his back 100% and always down for him in any way we can . Thank You BG Knocc Out for Keeping the Legacy of Eazy-E alive and all your great contributions in the rap game.
    -sergio (Eazy-ECPT.COM) Ruthless Propaganda

  2.…Damn today is a sad day for Gangsta Rap fans also we respect him for his decision, gonna miss you Original Baby Gangsta…I remember when was doing a countdown for BG Knocc Out as we were getting close the release date from jail after 10 years, we were all excited. Free Knocc Out !!! & Gangsta Dresta was doing a excellent job making sure BG Knocc Out’s name never got
    forgotten in those 10 years. 1 of my fav albums BG Knocc Out & Dresta “Real Brothas” We were all like finally Gangsta Rap is back !…Good Times on the forum. Then he released some singles & solo album “Eazy-E’s Protege”. We @ supported him then & we support him now & respect him on his decision for his Religious Beliefs.Thank you so much for great music Knocc Out !! so glad I got to meet you as well. God Bless You & Your Family! RESPECT Bg Knocc Out

    We will be playing BG Knocc Out music all day all week on make sure everyone tunes in.

  3. Like he say, it’s very hard to understand. I would like to know his views of his past in music, Eazy E, Ruthless Records, Gangsta Rap music, and Gangsta Rap way of life. Does he denies it ?? man it’s realy hard to understant and to accept. I realy think you can “live” the gangsta rap music without going against God. But thats his choice, i got much luv & respect for his legacy and wishing him the best.

  4. Sad days now that im treying to get young Eazy out there working BG would have been a strong influance on young one. maby he will do some with us now that shows are comming around.

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  6. i completely respect your choice man! just know that you and your bro’s collabs on eazy e’s album and ESPECIALLY your own album “Real Brothas” are absolute masterpieces. i mean, real brothas is confidently the best west coast album ever released in my opinion. i want to thank you and ur bro for dropping this, because i still enjoy it every day! good luck in your life man! much love from the netherlands

  7. Dame a little messed up from that but real brothas will always stay in my music index good luck on your decision.

  8. B.g knocc out I will always keep you in my prayers.i love all your music.i guess prison does really changed ppl.wil I hope my brother will cangedby the time he gets out ur a icon rip eazy e .Eazy E you always be remember but never forgotten in my heart it’s sadu had to go so soon .I will continue to lesson to ur music and to also urs to b.g knocc out I’m a huge fan of u and eazy e ur story it touch my heart God bless you b.g knocc out much love and respect 😀

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