J.J. Fad is in the HOUSE!!

Group formed in: 1988 (disbanded in 1992) / Members: M.C.J.B. (Juana Burns) Baby-D (Dania Birks) Sassy C (Michelle Franklin). A reminder of how fleeting hip-hop glory can be, female L.A. rappers M.C.J.B. , Baby-D and Sassy C formed ‘Just Jammin’ Fresh and Def’ (J.J. Fad) in 1988. They were a part of the Ruthless Posse headed by Eazy E and produced by Dr. Dre. The first hip-hop girl trio to go platinum. The trio featured a youthful, heavily pop-oriented brand of rap that was non-threatening. “Supersonic”, produced by The Arabian Prince & Dr. Dre, was 1 on the pop charts and a top 10 R&B hit, and the album went platinum, peaking at 1. Soon after it dropped off the charts, they were a memory. Now they’re back and ready to rock the mic again, celebrating they’re 20th anniversary of “Supersonic.” They just received an ASCAP music award for co-writing on Fergies hit song “Fergalicious” and are planning to do a 2oth anniversary re-mix of “Supersonic.” Stay tuned the Fad is Back!!

-Source: JJ Fad Official Myspace

Visit their Official Myspace: myspace.com/jjfadmusiq

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