Sir Jinx Interview by “Mentions Eazy-E”

Some interesting facts about Ice Cube’s Classic album Amerikkka’s Most Wanted were brought up in this interview by

Sir Jinx:

I keep that around me like that. Whenever I’m making a record it’s going to come from a few different angles. I’m going to study them angles in order for you to get that feel, because we don’t know how to write music. The only thing we know how to do is steal it. So at the point of knowing how to reformat that kind of environment, you can tell a little of the Ice Cube record because it’s political. The Ice Cube record was tow records: it was Chuck D and Eazy-E mixed together. That was Amerikkka’s Most Wanted. A lot of them songs on Amerikkka’s Most Wanted were written for Eazy-E.

Dubcnn: I didn’t know that.

Every place where Cube said, ‘little boys and girls/they all love me/ come sit on the lap/of I-C-E’ that was Eazy-E at first. When they broke up, he shook them. He wanted to put the records out so fast before Eric could put them out. Once Upon A Time was an Eazy track, Get Off My Dick And Tell Yo Bitch To Come Here was an Eazy track, Gangsta’s Fairytale, and a few more were Eazy tracks. The later songs like The Bomb, Endangered Species came and those songs were made closer to the time we released the record. But, a lot of them songs were written already, that’s why we could do the record in 2 months, February to March. The record came out in April.
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